Introducing ToolTips - our new gamification system!

Hi wonderful community members!

As previewed in this post, we are now launching a new element of gamification in this forum! Various actions you take here will award points to your profile, or grant points to others.

Thanks to community input, we’ve decided to call the ‘points’ ToolTips (thanks @dcsearle)! We love how this includes all of:

  • a Retool- and software-development-related aspect

  • a sense of gratitude (“tipping” points to others when you appreciate their post with a Like)

  • an indication of learning and sharing advice (i.e. learning “tips” on how to use Retool as you read through forum posts, or sharing “tips” in the form of ideas, advice, or solutions with others)

Thank you to everyone who participated in the poll! There were some very close contenders like “Cheers,” “Tooltip points,” “Karma”, and some very clever ones like “Retookens,” “ReStars” and more. Appreciate everyone’s input and time spent brainstorming. It’s awesome to see the fun people had with this. We hope participating in the process of gaining and sharing ToolTips with others will be just as fun :slight_smile:

Now, on to how this works!

What actions will add ToolTips to my profile?

See the value of ToolTips awarded for each action:

  • when a user receives a like: 1
  • for every like a user gives: 1
  • when a user's post is marked as a solution: 10
  • when a user has an invite redeemed: 10
  • for every hour of time spent reading: 1
  • for every one hundred posts a user reads: 1
  • when a user creates a topic: 5
  • when a user creates a post: 2
  • for every day a user visits the site: 1
  • when a user flags a post and that flag is accepted by a staff user: 10
    • Note: this functionality is currently not leveraged much. We invite you to flag posts to us that are out of date, or not appropriate or not in keeping with the spirit of this community outlined in our welcome post (i.e. be kind and courteous).

Where can people view the ToolTips?

Three places:

  • on your own profile in the little card that shows up when someone clicks on your username:

  • on your actual profile page:

  • on the leaderboards!


Congrats and thank you to our current all-time top 10 community contributors!

That's a lot of ToolTips - representing so many solutions found and shared, words of encouragement and "Likes" of gratitude for others, and ideas contributed to improve Retool itself while helping others build. :tada:

@ScottR @bradlymathews @AnsonHwang @minijohn @JoeyKarczewski @dcartlidge @jocen @stefancvrkotic @agaitan026 @mbruijnpff

Top 10 contributors over the past week

Toggling the timeframe at the top left, we can see the top 10 contributors over the past week - nice work and thank you for participating in this community!

@ScottR @AnsonHwang @pyrrho @abusedmedia @edurmush @matth @Adam_Thomas @yourbudweiser @mbruijnpff

Running leaderboard for Q4 2023

Congrats (and keep it up! :grinning:) to our top Q4 2023 contributors so far (October 1-Dec 31, 2023)

@ScottR @AnsonHwang @mbruijnpff @matth @pyrrho @abusedmedia @haj @edurmush @yourbudweiser @MicExpert

Now what?

Please continue using and interacting here on the forum, knowing that ToolTips await you!

In the future, we may leverage this more comprehensive way of recognizing activity and contributions for future programs or prizes, including recognizing both consistent all-time contributors, as well as recently-rising contributors active in the past quarter, month or week!

Happy ToolTip-sharing!