Our ToolTips recognition system: How it works

We have a participation recognition system! It awards points called "ToolTips" to your profile based on a variety of engagement actions here on the Retool Community Forum.

I'm creating this topic with a few FAQs to share how this works and where to see it. We've pinned this topic for greater visibility!

Where's the leaderboard?

:sparkles: Global Leaderboard :sparkles:

What actions will add ToolTips to my profile?

See the value of ToolTips awarded for each action:

  • when a user receives a like: 1
  • for every like a user gives: 1
  • when a user's post is marked as a solution: 10
  • when a user has an invite redeemed: 10
  • for every hour of time spent reading: 1
  • for every one hundred posts a user reads: 1
  • when a user creates a topic: 5
  • when a user creates a post: 2
  • for every day a user visits the site: 1
  • when a user flags a post and that flag is accepted by a staff user: 10
    • Note: flagging a post requires trust level 1 "basic user." We invite you to flag posts to us that are out of date, or not appropriate or not in keeping with the spirit of this community outlined in our guidelines (i.e. be kind and courteous).

Where can people view the ToolTips?

Three places:

  • on your user profile in the little card that shows up when someone clicks on your username:
  • on your actual profile page:
  • on the global leaderboard
    • hyperlinked in the above places, excludes the Retool team

Why are the points called ToolTips?

When we were getting ready to launch this system in the Fall of 2023, we asked for community input and ideas to help us come up with a fun, custom name that fits our community, and @dcsearle suggested ToolTips. We love how this includes:

  • an indication of learning and sharing advice (i.e. learning “tips” on how to use Retool as you read through forum posts, or sharing “tips” in the form of ideas, advice, or solutions with others)
  • a sense of gratitude (“tipping” points to others when you appreciate their post with a Like)
  • a Retool- and software-development-related aspect (a common developer term for a popup/callout is "tooltip": a message which appears when a cursor is positioned over an icon, image, hyperlink, or other element in a graphical user interface.)

How is this feature implemented behind the scenes?

We leverage Discourse's open source gamification plugin.

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