Gamification is coming to a Retool Community Forum near you (this one) - What should we call it?

Hey folks! We plan to launch gamification here in the forums to award points for various participation actions, and use leaderboards to celebrate everyone's contributions.

We'd love your input on a naming convention.

What should the points/score be called?

Some considerations/criteria:

  • we'd love for the score name to give a positive sense of community, gratitude, celebration, working toward communal goals, etc. And/or, be related to Retool in a fun way.
  • It should also be a fairly short name, not overly verbose for UI space and simplicity reasons, though we may append "Community" to the front of some of these options - I tested this and the length won't be too long :slightly_smiling_face:

Cast your vote below! Select your favorite 1-2 options, and then click Vote Now! (and check out the commented suggestions to cast a "Like" as a vote for one of those!)

If you have an idea you think is way better than these, let us know in the comments. We aim to launch the gamification plugin soon, so we'll likely close this poll within a week. Thanks for your input!

  • Cheers
  • Karma
  • Generosity
  • Community Compass
  • Toolbelt points
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I'd vote for "Replay" but it's not an option :slight_smile:

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Retookens :smiley:




Ah, I didn't realize that it's not possible to edit a poll after the first 5 minutes! Was going to add these ideas, they're great!

If people like any of the commented name ideas, please add a Like to them :heart: and we'll consider those as poll votes as well!

REPs (REtool Points)

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GUAC (like guacamole)

ReStars! (Retool Stars)


I feel Karma's origin has potential to alienate a fair amount of people.

Some good community suggestions too!

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Thinking of a handyman but for webdev. Also, would be nice to have a convo like:
"Yeah, still got a few screws loose to get top spot in the community"

**aight, gonna hide in the corner now.


Someone appreciates your contribution, you get tipped :slightly_smiling_face: - also a nice link with dev terminology.

That's my 2cents. (2cents also a contender!?) Ok, think I'd better stop now.


Thank you all for your input and ideas! See our gamification launch post here :tada: Introducing ToolTips - our new gamification system!

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