🤖 👋 February Challenge: Sh[AI]ring what you’re building with AI!

For our next Retool Developer Community challenge, we want to see all the cool stuff you're building with Retool AI!

Retool’s AI products include Ask AI, Vectors, & AI Actions; see more info here. There are endless possibilities for things you can create in Retool Apps & Workflows using AI, so we'd love hear how you're using it so far. The challenge will run from today, February 6th, through March 1st.

:sparkles: Your AI projects could be shared in two forms to qualify for the challenge: :sparkles:

  1. Community Show and Tell. A big part of the spirit of the community forum is giving back & collaborating with other devs. Sharing your AI use case could spark ideas and help folks learn
  2. Feature request. Let us know what you’d like to see next for any of our AI features!

:warning: In either type of post, please include the following to qualify for our AI Challenge: :warning:

  1. Your use case. What problem do you want to solve?
  2. Why use AI? What will AI add to your project?
  3. What you’re working on. Include any screenshots, descriptions, etc that you believe would be helpful for others following along
  4. Add the ai tag to your post so that we can quickly find it
  5. Optional nice to haves: your experience with AI prior to this project, your experience with Retool prior to this project, what’s next for your project?

The Challenge awards will include:

The Retool AI Pioneer award:

  • For all community members who provide a feature request or show and tell post with the requested information
  • Receive a custom Retool AI Pioneer badge on your forum profile honoring your contributions this month

The Retool AI Paper Plate awards:

  • We’ll recognize a few standout posts such as Most Creative AI solution, Biggest Aha Learning Moment, Most Unexpected AI Application, etc

  • We’ll have some prizes (specifics tbd) to send out! One paper plate winner will win a Zoom meeting with the Retool AI team

If you haven’t explored Retool AI yet, or if you’re looking for inspiration, here are some helpful blog posts: Enterprise Search, Building LLMs, & an Engineering Managers guide to AI.

Looking forward to seeing your AI solutions and ideas on the forums this month! :tada:


Hi Everyone!

I wanted to check in on February's monthly challenge :raised_hands:

Office Hours:

In addition to our regularly scheduled office hours, we'll be hosting a bonus Office Hour in Discord for Retool AI questions & discussion on Thursday, February 22nd at 10 am PST

Retool AI Resources

If you still haven't implemented any AI features into your projects, I highly recommend checking out some of these resources for real world examples of how to apply Retool AI to your projects:

Check out our Retool AI webinar (sign up on the below link to get a link to the previously recorded event). Retool team members will talk through some real world Retool AI examples:

Check out this Retool customer blog post:

Read this tips & tricks post to see how fast it is to get started with Retool AI: Dynamic Generate Text AI Action Queries

Feature Requests:

Our AI features are still fairly new & we're continuing to iterate on them! Check out some of our recent feature requests:

From @bobthebear: [Feature Request] Hugging Face Integration

From @Harsha_Wijesooriya OpenAI Assistants API integration: Natural Language Queries inside Retool - #5 by Harsha_Wijesooriya See more of Harsha's exciting implementations under the ai tag!

We look forward to seeing more AI Challenge submissions the rest of the month!

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Office Hour for Retool AI questions & discussion on Thursday, February 22nd at 10 am PST

Is this a streamed or live live event?

Thanks for checking! It'll be in Discord as a live (not recorded) event, just like our regular office hours.

Hi Everyone!

We have 9 days left for our ai challenge! There's still plenty of time to chime in with your Feature Requests and Show & Tell posts. As a reminder, you'll earn a Retool AI Pioneer badge on your community profile & could win other prizes, such as a meeting with the Retool AI team :tada:

We'll be meeting on Discord tomorrow at 10 am PST for free-form discussion & questions

If you haven't already read @Isaac-H's recent AI post, I definitely recommend checking it out: How Retool Triages Support Tickets With AI, Allowing Us To Immediately Identify Critical Issues And Incidents

Huge shout out to @Harsha_Wijesooriya for continuing to share exciting AI discoveries! :pray: Check out this post that is using the chat component: Retool AI Challenge - Google Sheets data assistant/sidebar using Retool

Has anyone been using Ask AI for writing queries? Curious to hear how it's going!


Our AI challenge ends tomorrow! There's still time to post a feature request or show & tell by the end of day Friday (March 1st).

I wanted to give a shout out to @maillme for this awesome show & tell post: Adventures in green tech: How I hitchhiked my way to Retool and befriended AI in the quest for Sustainability Highly encourage everyone to take a look to learn more about Retool AI (..and materiality in sustainability reporting) :evergreen_tree:

Also, huge shout out to @stefancvrkotic for this informative, interactive show & tell post that can help enable folks developing in Retool, Retool AI Helper! :woman_technologist:t3: The blog post will show you how to quickly integrate with Retool AI in a super applicable way. ..it also happens to showcase the possibility of making a beautiful UI in Retool :sparkles:. Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who joined our AI Office Hours last week :robot: AI topics are still fair game for our regularly scheduled office hours too :grin:


Thank you to everyone that participated in our AI Challenge in February! It was so great to hear how you’re thinking about AI in Retool apps, and I imagine it has already helped inspire more community members to consider AI for their projects. We’ve added the Retool AI Pioneer badge to your community forum profiles :saluting_face:

As a result of the challenge, we have a lot more posts tagged with ai, and hopefully this continues to grow :crossed_fingers: Even though the challenge ended, we absolutely want to keep hearing more examples, ideas, and feedback on Retool AI :pray:

@Harsha_Wijesooriya earned the Biggest Aha Learning Moment paper plate award for several posts documenting the experience of getting started with Retool AI. Harsha also won a Zoom meeting with the Retool AI team after posting a total of 13!! AI topics in February & commenting on even more :smiley: Harsha also joined our AI office hour where we got to chat even more about Retool AI applications. Harsha, THANK YOU for all of your inspiring contributions!! Look out for an email from me about meeting with our AI team. If you haven’t read Harsha’s posts yet, I encourage you to take a look!

Another notable contribution was this amazing Retool AI Helper post complete with an app link & demo from @stefancvrkotic! This creative & well designed app shows how AI can help make all of our lives easier when it comes to building in Retool. We wanted to recognize Stefan as our February Community Builder because Stefan consistently supports our community and helps to improve the Retool product through contributions here on the forum, on Discord, in Office Hours, and through blog posts. We are so grateful for you, Stefan!! We’ll follow up about sending you some Retool swag! :tshirt::tada::raised_hands:

As for the paper plate award for the AI app that is Most Likely to Enhance Productivity @metechnologies wins with this AI documentation post. As @metechnologies puts it,“Having a one-click document capability saves us a tremendous amount of time to focus on Retooling.” :confetti_ball::robot:

@maillme wins two paper plate awards for the Most Creative Topic Title :laughing: …and Most Likely to Teach You Something New, as you’ll learn about materiality and the thought process behind implementing AI for a business case in this post

@Bobthebear wins Best Idea to Move Retool AI Forward, (or if you ask Chat GPT what the award should be called, the Champion of Chatbot Chronicles Award) with this detailed feature request that gives some insight into how the insurance industry could use AI

Best Zookeeper in the AI Jungle award goes to @khill-fbmc. Although this post technically didn’t make it into February, it’s too good to not include! Kevin even included an app export so that you too can adopt a Kangolphin :joy: and more importantly, instantly see how to start using Retool AI queries in an app

If you’re still reading, thank you for following along! :grin: Our team is still experimenting with different types of monthly challenges (see last month’s challenge here). Our goal is always to facilitate an active, helpful, and welcoming Retool community. If you have any feedback or thoughts on monthly challenges, let us know! We’re running a new challenge for March, and we’d love it if you could join us!


@Tess -

It's my pleasure, Tess! Participating in the AI Challenge was a rewarding experience, and it was truly gratifying to see the community's engagement and the innovative ideas that came forth. Receiving the Retool AI Pioneer badge is an honor, and I am thrilled by the recognition.

The discussions, learning moments, and the opportunity to connect during the AI office hours have been highlights for me. I'm excited about continuing to explore and share on the forum.

Thank you to the entire Retool team for fostering such a vibrant and inspiring community. Here's to more collaboration and growth ahead!

Warm regards,