Retool Mobile apps authentication failure "mismatched xsrf token"

I am trying to run my apps on retool mobile. They have been working pretty consistently for weeks. Now all My mobile apps come up without data because I am getting an authentication failure.

"Mismatched xsrf token"

I dont know what to do here. I have tried logging out and back in, but the issue persists. The apps work fine when I am running from a desktop browser.

This is still an issue for me. My apps are completely unusable on mobile. This is pretty critical for me.

What platform are you on, and have you upgraded to the most recent App Store app?

I am on android 13. I have the most recent retool app from google play store.

Unfortunately we can't repro, but we did have some strange issues with Samsung devices and cookies in December. It's possible your issue is related.

Do you mind testing our 2 most recent app store versions to determine if this is a recent regression?

12/15 release: com.retool.retool 12-15-2023 (1966).apk - Google Drive

12/1 release: com.retool.retool 12-01-2023 (1946).apk - Google Drive

my apps work in version 1946. I have not tried 1966 yet.

Can you share a video or screenshot of the "Mismatched xsrf token" error?

I have just tested and my apps also work in 1966.

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