Android apk issue on some devices

I’m testing retool with some older Android devices. Android OS version on these devices is 6 and Retool should technically support it but I have seen some discussion on this forum that the Android app has to be tweaked on per device basis.

Devices I’m testing are enterprise level but a little bit older ones: Zebra XSlate D10 and Intermec CN51. Attached are the screenshots of their kernel and OS information. I tried manually installing few different Retool APK versions on them and some don’t work at all. Some show login screen and crash afterwards. What do you think could be done about it? I think keeping the app compatibility with older devices is making the entry cost to the Retool ecosystem much more attractive for small and mid size businesses. It's great hardware with great capabilities it would be awesome if they can be used along with Retool mobile app.

@bca Hi Braden, do you think you could help with that issue?

Unfortunately I can't find any relevant crash logs for devices with Android 6 in the past couple weeks. Can you upgrade the OS? May be a memory pressure issue also.

I love talking engineer to engineer. I'm sure we could solve this issue now. Thank you for responding @bca. Unfortunately Zebra doesn't offer an OS upgrade for this devices. Android 6 is the latest.
So today I have updated the retool mobile app to the newest one. It crashes during the start, so I've submitted the report through the Android mechanism. You will see it in the logs around 22:03 UTC on June 8th originating from the IP starting with 24.194.. This device has 3.7GB usable RAM. It shows 2.4GB RAM is free.
Please advise.