Login Error: Something went wrong contacting the host at https://login.retool.com


I got an issue with Retool Mobile (v.3.37) app on Android (v.7.0). Just after restarting device it is showing "Login Error: Something went wrong contacting the host at https://login.retool.com"


  • restarting device
  • reinstall Retool Mobile
  • different WiFi connections

I would appreciate some advice, since this is critical, since people can't access app.

Thank You!


I wasn't able to reproduce this for my cloud test org on android (v14), Retool mobile (v.3.37)

  1. Just to confirm, this was working before and the only change was a restart to the device which caused you to start seeing issues?
  2. In the "Host settings" what value are you using?
  3. We've seen this issue in the past for self-hosted instances with incorrect SSL cert setups or no public internet access to their server, but it seems yours is a cloud org, is that correct?
  4. Are you able to log into your org via chrome or other browser on the mobile device?
  5. Are all users on android v.7 and all affected?

Hey @Isaac-H!

Thank You for Your replay!

We use Retool Cloud for this client app.

  1. Affected so far are only devices with Android (v.7). These are barcode scanners.
  2. iPhone and Android Mobile phones (i assume with newer versions of Android) works fine.
  3. To replicate issue, I took one of my barcode scanners with same Android, and I got same error.
  4. Using web browser on device I was able to login in Retool Web App.

@UNIFYB2B Are you able to log in on the native app? We have a hypothesis that that error alert may not actual prevent you from logging in.

Also, have you enabled and been using the offline mode in the past?

If you continue having this issue, do you mind sharing a screen recording of the failure?

Hey @bca!

Thank You for replay!

Here is video of issue: Dropbox - Video 12-03-2024, 07 39 21.mov - Simplify your life

No, it is not possible to login into. It just shows error and "Retry..."

You have a TLS cert issue; I'm not too familiar with the underlying cause but that's what's preventing the app from working.

Everything seems to be configured correctly on our end: SSL Checker

Do you see that "Security warning" a lot on other websites?

Still can't figure it out. I installed top 3 certificates (https://crt.sh/?q=retool.com) and also Lets Encrypt general one on the Android device. Error still persists.

Note - here is what certificate says, when open login.retool.com on web browser on device: