Password reset error

We've had several users reporting errors of not being able to reset their passwords. The change password screen reports a failure and trying alternative new passwords doesn't help:

Any idea what's causing the error?

Hello @ash-c!

Are you on the cloud product or a self hosted instance? If you are on the cloud, what is the subdomain of you retool organization? If you are on self hosted, can you share the container logs for when your users hit this error.

Could you respond to this post with a screenshot of the network tab in the browser when you get this error?

The Account Support section of this page in our docs can also be useful for getting in contact with the right support team to help with password resets.

Thanks @Jack_T - I and a colleague have managed to successfully reset our passwords. The account is - as my email address is 41 characters long(!) and the password I was trving initially was an auto-generated one, 20 characters long, I wonder if the lengths may have been the issue. I successfully signed in after using a password only 16 characters in length.