Cannot login or reset password for self-hosted instance

Hey There,

I created a couple of self hosted accounts at, however, I'm unable to log into either with the credentials that I set.

The first account was created with Google SSO. I read a thread in the forum that if you used SSO to create an account, it won't let you log in so created a second account using email and password.

When I try to reset the password via our self-hosted URL, I get an error that says no user with that email exists. Has anyone run into this issue? Pulling my hair out.

Also tried to blow away the whole docker container, create a new account via my.retool, and create an organization but the following error:

Only one organization may be created in on-prem deployments. Try resetting your password or contacting support through Intercom/email.

Please help us get out of purgatory. The schedule a call link and intercom chat do not work and literally do nothing. This is beyond frustrating.

Hey @pjatx, the accounts created at are for billing purposes only and do not create any account in your self hosted instance. When you pull up your instance for the first time, you will still need to sign up to create a user in that account. Have you created an account going to your instance of Retool instead of