Retool database error

  • Goal: Fix the retool database error - once fixed, we hope we will stop receiving the post_tokens error in our ap_login module

  • Steps: All users are getting the post_tokens error when accessing our app, which appears to be stemming from a retool database error

  • Details: ap_login::post_tokens

  1. ap_login is the login module to the admin panel for the website
  2. post_tokens is in the ap_login module
  3. Upon testing the retool database connection, it fails for an unknown reason
  • Screenshots:
    We do not have a user with the name "retool," so it is very unclear why this has suddenly started happening or how to fix it. There were no major changes before this began happening on our side.

Hey @Pet_Media_Group. Looks like the password to connect to retoolDB was updated and perhaps didn't get reflected within the connection string behind the scenes.

  • May I log into your org to check this out? (and run a passwordReset manually via the endpoint in an attempt to fix this)
  • Just to confirm, nobody reset the password manually right? (I don't see anything in the logs on our side.)
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Hi Isaac - Thanks for your quick reply! What permissions / account setup will you need to be able to login to our org to try the fix? It shouldn't be a problem to let you try it out! I am pretty certain no one has reset the password manually.

No action needed on your part. I tried resetting the password manually via Postman which was also not working (but was for my own instance) so I think the issue is with the database itself. I've reached out to our 3rd party provider who owns these DBs and they confirmed they are looking into this for you. We'll update you as soon as we hear anything back.


Thank you, @Isaac-H !

Hey @Pet_Media_Group this should now be fixed! Let me know if that's not the case on your end :pray:

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