How to set Use Only permission to All Users group for on-prem deployment? (team plan)


We're having 2 separate on-prem instances of Retool (2.100.5): Staging & Production.

Somehow we've managed to set Use Only permission to All Users group (a while ago), and can't replicate it in production - the checkboxes are read-only.
Could you advise plz how can we change permissions for All Users group?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @KZotin! If I'm following correctly, this sounds like maybe you were once on a paid plan for granular access controls and somehow, the permissions persisted. I think the best next steps here would be to temporarily promote your licesne key (on my end) to a plan that has permissions so you can remove them in staging (the env with the permissions). Does that sound like something we can try? :slight_smile:

Well.. the inconsistency doesn't bother us actually.

What we need is a fairly simple use case - we have Service Desk team members, for whom we want to restrict the ability to edit Apps (so they could Use only).

Is it possible to do on Team plan?
This sounds like a basic capability every company would need...

Permissions are only available on the Business and Enterprise plans only, unfortunately :sweat:

Hey @victoria,

Just following this up - am I correct in thinking that everyone on a Team plan has editor access?

Ideally I would make myself sole editor/owner with everyone else a viewer (since everyone else on the team is non-technical), is this only possible with the Business plan? I'm okay with not having granular access permissions per app, but seems risky having everyone on the team able to potentially edit/break apps.

A real cold shower for me and my customers.
Juste cancel retool usage for 3 customers.
They were all okay with the 10€/user/month cost for their team. :confused::confused:
A loss of at least 30 users for retool and the double for 2024

Hey @QuentinSc, ack. I just shared your feedback with the team working on pricing and as a note, this is something we're actively thinking about :slight_smile:

David (Retool's fearless CEO) is also heavily invested in this topic—check it out here!

Just FYI, we've also decided to cancel on-prem Team licence (for now).

Ability to restrict edit apps is crucial for us, and amount of users is too small for Enterprise plan.

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I'd like to share my thoughts as a new Retool user.

I was admitedly taken aback when I found out that migrating to the Team plan does not provide functionality to restrict edit access for all apps for end users. We misinterpreted the meaning of “granular access control” when evaluating what plan would work best for our needs.

I am happy to hear that Retool is listening to feedback from the community, and that the pricing models have been updated to make it more affordable for end users on all tiers!

However, this is still a significant limitation to the Team plan. By not having this functionality, it puts production at risk of being compromised by end-users who unintentionally make changes to the app. Not only that, but they are billed for it as standard users. Putting the burden on end-users to not make changes to the app also seems like a poor user experience.

Beyond creating proof-of-concepts, I'm not really sure how viable the Team plan would be in production environments. Are there any best practices that I might be missing?

I believe that Retool has great potential, I really hope the team will take this feedback to make the Team plan a more viable option for smaller teams on a budget!

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts, @SonyaK! I appreciate how thorough, kind and specific your message is.

I wanted to highlight that our approach to pricing is decoupled from user access controls. This means that a user is only charged at the higher, standard user rate if they actually make edits in the billing period, regardless of what their permission settings are. This approach to billing should save most customers money.

In situations where it’s not critical to control edit access (e.g. an org has a small, trusted team) and the customer is focused on saving money, then the Team plan might be a good fit. For customers who view access controls as critical, we recommend the Business plan. To answer your question directly, the Team plan can certainly support production environments, it just wouldn't have the granular permissions that the Business plan does.

Please do feel free to share any other questions, thoughts or feedback and thank you again for taking the time to continue this conversation.