Granting view only permissions for a user

is there a way to create users that has only viewer permissions?
By that, I mean only permissions to navigate between apps and activate api GET requests.
I don't want this users to have permissions to edit the app or activate POST/PUT/DELETE requests.

In Settings under Permissions put the user in a group and make that group Use only for Apps.

I need to upgrade to $50 per month plan for this.
Is this true?

Hey there, @arjavparikh :wave: Confirming that permissions are available on the Business plan and above on cloud which is $50/month.

This is really quite disappointing...... I can't seem to wrap my head around it.

So, ive bene spending this last month really getting to grips with Retool, developing an internal app etc..... and now ready to buy a plan, but..... it seems, that even buying the USD 10 per month - every single user we have, will be able to edit the app......

I'm perplexed by this... surely this is going to chase people away from bringing it in to an org?

If i understand correctly, I am having to pay a premium of USD 40, per person - to ensure that each and every one of my members can not mess with the app?

This is either absolute genius or absolute madness of retool - I still can't decide what.

But I can tell you one thing for sure, at USD 10 per month - all my users would be on this.
At USD 50 a month - none of us will be on it.

Granular access I can understand - but edit /view access at an app level.... no. I can not understand (why you'd not allow this).

Perhaps I'm missing something.....


Agreed! This doesn't make any sense to me.