How can automatically fit width of table column?

Table in the image has 7 columns, but scrolls are created according to window browser size.
is there a way to make all the column appear to fit the width of table?

Hi Finn, sorry you’re having this issue. There isn’t a way to dynamically resize the columns inside a table today. Could you share more details about the use case for a potential feature request? For example, I am wondering if resizing columns would be a better approach than loading a different number of columns based on the table width.

Hey, so I want to give a +1 on the way to dynamically set the columns width. My use case is we have a fairly large table where we collect info to evaluate companies (in some way).
Each of our users spends on average around 10 minutes setting up their table to their liking (what they often do is make each column very small (if we could do that beforehand it would already help).

But ideally we could have a field in the dynamic columns which specifies the columns widht :slight_smile: Then i could store the user preferencs in a DB and set the table to their last preference.

Hey, I give another +1.
My case is I use module with table in it.
I want to dynamically set the column display and width(set with percent is very good)
another case is I will show a different ground of column if different tabs.

Hello, are there any updates on this issue? :slight_smile: