Automatic column widths for the new table component?

I would like to switch over all my apps from using the legacy table component to the new table component. However, one thing that is stopping me is that I cannot get the new table component to look as nice as the legacy one.

My app is set to use the full width of the viewport; max-width of the app is set to "none", and the table stretches from the left edge of the app to the right edge of the app. With the legacy table component, the table shrinks down nicely on laptop sized screens and expands beautifully on large monitors. The columns auto-adjust to fill the available space by spreading the space out between the various columns. With the new table it simply adds all the extra space to the final column, and when that final column is a Number and thus right justified, it simply looks awful.

Is there a way to auto-layout the columns in a manner that looks great at all screen resolutions? If not, could you please add this as a feature request? I would really like to use the new component, but it's hard to go through with that knowing my end users are going to think the app suddenly looks a lot worse after the upgrade.


Hi @ffaubert,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing this detailed feedback! The good news is that our team has already flagged this behavior to our internal engineering team for a fix :blush: I passed along your direct feedback to the team so that it can inform how they think about fixing this.

I'll post back here when we have a solution


Any update on this?

Our tables are looking really weird.

I know you guys are aware of this issue, just wanted to add a +1 to this request.

I'm going to put my trust in the process and implement the new table despite it looking worse so I would just like to add that when you do manage to figure out a fix, please could it be the default behaviour so I don't need to come back and "fix it" :slight_smile:

Yes need this! The old table did do it but I found under certain conditions, it would sort of break and would stop auto sizing. I would be nice if there was a check box and we could definitively tell the table, yes I want the auto resize behavior or, no I do not want you to auto resize. I have found in some cased it is better to have the table not resize.

I would really like a fix here - column widths in general suck in Retool, which is a shame.

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+1, I need this functionality to adjust column widths for better user experience.


Auto resize table columns is a very helpful feature. Our current tables look funny without it.

Any update on this? Especially for self-hosted? The new table component seems great, but I keep finding basic little details and functionality that feels like it should have been default in the new table roll out, but wasn't.

No updates yet :disappointed: but I let the team know you checked in!

Let us know if there are other specific table requests we should be tracking