Different limits for Workflows on the billing page

Hi Retool,

I recently upgraded to the Business plan with an educational discount and observed discrepancies in the usage limits:

The limits indicated on the pricing page align more closely with my needs. Could you clarify if this discrepancy is intentional and which limit applies to my account?

Additionally, I would like to ask if it is possible to delete all the disabled end users in my account? I created the users to check the login, but only then realized that I might get charged. Will I get charged for the users even if I only used them for login in once and checking the application?

Thank you in advance for your assistance and clarification!

Hey @Hang! Thank you so much for the callout. The billing page within account settings should be aligned with our pricing page now.

You won't be charged for disabled users, but billing rates are the same for enabled end users whether or not they have logged in during that billing cycle.

Here’s a link to our billing usage page in case it's helpful:

https://docs.retool.com/docs/organization-billing-usage 17

Note that in our monthly billing cycles, we do distinguish between Standard users and End users based on their usage. Standard users are any enabled users who built or edited an app during the billing cycle, while End users are any enabled users who did not build or edit an app. This means that, during the months when you have fewer builders working on your apps or workflows, your total cost is reduced.