Self-Hosted Team Plan: Assigning Standard-User vs. End-User

I'm on the Self-Hosted Team plan. When I was upgrading, I was asked to specify the # of standard-users and # of end-users in my team, which was used to calculate the total bill.

When I go to "Users" tab, all of my existing users are in the "All Users" group.
How do I assign each user to be either a standard-user or an end-user?

Hello, we have a similar issue any solution from retool team?

Hey all!

User types are determined based on their usage inside retool, there's no toggle for defining Standard vs End users. A Standard user is a user that has edited an app or workflow during a given month, and an End user is a user that didn't edit an app or workflow during a given month. Since you're on the Team plan, you'll need to make sure your team understands how their actions could trigger Standard user rates. More info on this here:

On the Business plan however, you can use permissions to limit those you want only to be End users to only have "Use" permissions, so they won't have any access to edit apps (and therefore can't trigger Standard user billing):