Set account to End user

Hi, Ive subscribed to Team level and bought an end user to test it out. From my admin account, I'm struggling to set permission to "Use" for the All User group for the apps. Everything is grayed out.

What am I missing?

I think that user level permissions are only available on Business/Enterprise plans, not Team.
There's quite a few people here that feel it should be available on Team plans and the price jump to Business is quite steep.
Team Plan message on the user permissions section:

This is a bummer because of both price and also very misleading to the point that I was 100% certain that I just couldn't find the "button" to make non editable for an "End User".

What the heck Retool, this is not the way. What's the incentive to Jump from Free to Teams? Seems like a totally useless Tier.

Hi @Standroid, I'm sorry you found the difference between our plans misleading. In addition to what the Free plan offers, the Team
plan allows App release versions, 5,000 workflow runs/month, a staging environment, and has no restriction on how many users the organization can have. But it does not allow granular permission controls. It is intended for teams to work collaboratively building internal tools. However, because there are no permission controls, the team needs to establish roles internally to keep members of the team as end users and standard users. The intention behind having this distinction between types of users available on the billing side is to give our customers an accurate representation of what their bill might look like.

We are happy to extend your feedback to our billing team and hope this helps clarify the difference between our plans.