How to create end user with Team plan

I am on the Team plan. I see that the standard user is $10/mo and the end user is $5/mo. However I can't figure out how to make any user an end user. This post explains how to create a new permission group, but since we are on the Team plan, we cannot create new permission groups and cannot edit permission groups.

How can I create a permission group that only has Use permissions so that I can move most of my team to be end users?

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just found this in the faq - guess you cannot change permissions in the team plan. As far as I understand the business plan you can change users in business to "view" making them end users.

How do you determine user types?

User types are determined based on usage. A Standard user is a user that has edited an app or workflow during a given month, and an End user is a user that didn't edit an app or workflow during a given month. Learn more in the billing and usage guide.

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Thanks for surfacing this Lukas. Do you interpret that as users will be charged as end users as long as they don't edit any apps? I believe the entire team was charged as an end user this month although only a couple people make edits to apps, so not sure if there's anything else I need to do to make sure they are billed as end users.

That's correct @seabass - part of the idea is that if someone who normally edits apps is inactive for a given period they'll automatically be billed as an End user instead of as a Standard user.

Thank you for confirming Kabirdas! We have 46 people on retool but they are all being charged as full users rather then end users, even though I'm fairly certain only a couple are editing the apps. Is this pricing something that will take effect starting next month?

It may be that you're still on a legacy pricing plan (which will still be supported until December 31, 2024). If you navigate to your billing page you should be able to select a new plan there:

Note that there are different costs for Monthly and Annual plans!

Ah that was it thank you so much!