"End Users" on the Team plan can still edit apps ?!?

This has got to be a joke. I really hope I am wrong

Retool -- when you announced pricing v2 in May, the reception was great. Tons of comments here in the forums and around the interwebs about how this will open up Retool to many new use-cases with the low-cost "end user" concept.

Having just gotten a new app set up, which will only work economically on the Team plan...."end users" have app edit access?

I hope I'm missing something. I hope you didn't come up with this new pricing v2, go into detail about how low-cost "end users" creates so many new use cases, and give these end users app edit access with no way to remove it. If so, you've negated nearly all of the use-cases this would have opened up. I'm just missing some setting somewhere, right?


Yes, I am also confused the end user in team plan too. If the user has not edited the app during a certain billing period, then the user is considered an end user during that billing period, but if once the user has edited the app, then it is counted as a standard user. It seem you can't set the app access to end users in that plan.

The same is true in the business plan, but in the business plan you can turn off the edit permissions for the user so that it will be treated as an end user.

Here is some FQA for your refer.

Pricing and billing FAQ | Retool Docs

Hope this help.

Thank you for your guidance, @AnsonHwang! This is true

Definitely hear you that it can be confusing :disappointed: I shared this feedback internally, and I'll post here if I hear of any features that will help with differentiating standard and end users more clearly