Custom domain gives 404 always

I was following to create custom domain using this post.

I tried to remap to several domains none of them worked....

dig also gives the correct ips

it's gives this error... which not sure how to debug since error doesn't give much info



There seems to be something broken, unfortunately there has been no response from support on this via the forum or email.

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Hey folks - Noted in another thread, we're going to update our status page to track. Thanks for flagging!

Now it's gives this.... How can i update this? i have removed the current one (which was wrong) and tried to add the dev env link... but now it fails...

That seems like it might be related to DNS updating. Saw a few 429s for your org, but several 200s within the hour after. But in any case this is a separate issue from the original issue we investigated here, so would open a new thread if you still have issues with that!


Confirming this is working now