Issues Configuring Custom Domain

I am looking to setup a custom domain for my Retool Cloud instance and am having issues.

I have added 3 A Records with my DNS provider (Namecheap) and am seeing them show up in dig results.

However am still seeing issues when Retool is attempting to verify the domain. It has been over 72 hours since setting the DNS records so it does not appear to be DNS delays. What else can I do to debug?

Here are my Namecheap entries:

Configure a custom domain for Retool Cloud

I am also experiencing this issue.

Same on my end. Cloudflare DNS hosting (proxies off).

I am experiencing the same. There are actually already several other threads about the same issue

Same issue on our end, everything is configured according to the documentation but we get "Unable to verify this domain" error.

Hey folks - Thanks for flagging, we're actively digging into an infrastructure issue on our side. We're going to add to our status page shortly and will keep that updated with the latest as we dig in!

Thanks, support! Status page says resolved and it is now working on my end.

Same here, it is working now. Thanks for the quick fix!