Bug in User Group Edit App

While editing a User Group, I encountered this unexpected behavior:

  • Create User Group
  • Click Edit to add users to the group
  • Open the add user dialog and add one or more users
  • Close the dialog
  • Click the New button to add a new user group (without having clicked Save Changes)
  • Enter a new group name and save it
  • Popup warns about unsaved changes (the users added to the group shown on the page)
  • Click Cancel presumably (as in the rest of Retool) to stay on the current page
  • The new group gets added anyway, but the users who had been listed to be added to the displayed group disappear

Hello @haj

Thank you for finding this! It appears to be a bug, great catch.

I was able to reproduce the behavior from your steps and it looks like both 'cancel' and 'ok' in the pop up lead to the same result or having two groups new with no users in them.

For now we would like to prescribe to all users to not click the "+ New" button on the top left while trying to add users to a group or else it will override the currently unsaved members that they have been added :sweat_smile:

I will be writing up a ticket for our engineering team to check this out and will keep you posted!