New Table "Expand groups by default" Bug

Hi Retool team,

I am finding that when using the some of the advanced group rows settings in the new table component, the 'Expand groups by default" option, when dynamically set, will frequently remove the embedded expression and just set itself to "true" by default.


This seems to occur when I update setting in an existing column, or when after launching in user mode.

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Hi @amesery! Thank you for flagging this issue. :lady_beetle:
I was able to reproduce it by removing columns and regenerating them. I just created a bug report for it. Until this bug is fixed, we'll need to check the value of "Expand groups by default" after making changes to our tables.

Great news! The release version where this bug is fixed (3.41.0) will be released on 03/27/2024. :slightly_smiling_face: