BUG?: Unexpected redirection to retool environment

It seems that, as of today, the redirection of users is no longer applicable. I direct users to a dashboard, but instead, they are now ending up in the Retool environment when they login. Nothing changed from my side. How can this happen? Has something been changed in this regard?

Hi @LinoPino,

Thanks for reaching out! Are any of the users editors (for any app)? Looking at our docs, users with Edit access to any apps are routed to the Retool homepage when they log in, even if a landing page is set for their groups.

If this is the case, they should be able to select the default page from their permission group from the top menu:

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Hi @Tess ,

I think that's where the problem was. I probably made someone an "editor," which caused this 'option' to choose a homepage to appear.

Thanks for your response.

Got it! I did do some testing around this feature as well, just in case, but I didn't identify any bugs :+1:

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