Branding and User Invites


Is it possible for the button in the user invite email to use the custom domain configured in the branding settings rather than the URL of the Retool account?

I've set up a custom domain name in the branding settings, i.e., however when I send user invites the custom domain is ignored and the domain for the Retool account is used, i.e.

The context is that I'm configuring a Portal for our clients to use and would like the user invite emails to forward them to the custom domain ( when they click the "Accept your invite" in the invitation email, currently it sends them to

Is this possible on the Business plan?

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+1 for this

Hey @Dan1!

Sending email invites from the custom domain is currently an internal feature request :slight_smile: I added your +1 and will let you know if there's any movement.

Hi @victoria,

Thanks for the response, that's interesting as the Portals landing page offers "end-to-end branding" and without this the branding isn't end to end. :frowning:

Is there a rough estimate for when this will be looked at?

Great point, thank you for posting. Asked the team working on Portals—will let you know as soon as I hear back!

An exciting update!

You can utilize Retool Events to prevent the default Retool emails, and handle sending custom emails via your configured workflow/your email server :raised_hands:

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback here!

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Hi Victoria, I guess this is “only” available on the enterprise plan?

Hi @victoria

Thanks for the heads up. However, further to the post from @LinoPino, our team are on the Business plan and I see the following message on the Retool Events page in settings:

"Retool Events are not available on this plan

Upgrade to Enterprise to run custom logic through Workflows based on actions taken within Retool."

Is there any plan to change this so that events are available on the Business plan so that we can also benefit from the advertised end to end branding? Or if full access to events isn't an option, would it be possible to have the option on the branding and customisation page to enable substituting the URL in the emails that Retool sends out when a custom domain is configured?

I'm happy with the email templates that Retool uses, the only customisation I'd like is for the URLs to point to the custom domain that I've configued.

Ah, valid points @LinoPino and @Dan1. Just passed your feedback to the team working on this and I will let you know once I hear back!

just curious but could a temp workaround be done w a Maill Forwarding service or possible a MX record on a DNS? I hate messing w DNS records but if I remember right its the MX record that can handle somesort of forwarding or masking?

Just heard back about plan levels!

Unfortunately, we don’t plan to offer Retool Events to Business plan customers. Customizing email domains to use a custom domain is also not something we currently plan to build due to complexity (which is why we actually built Retool Events).

Re: temp workaround with mail forwarding, if that works for you, please do use it! I personally haven’t set something similar up so I can’t be if much help here :sweat_smile:


Hi @victoria,

Another thing that would be super helpful is to have, at the moment of creating a user, the option to choose whether the invite is sent or just to copy the invite link. With that, I can insert that link to our personalized emails from our domain.

Right now, when users are created the invite goes out automatically, and only afterwards it is possible to copy the invite link.