Retool API - Create users

Hi there retool team,

We're building a SaaS and so far we've added users manually. However, building automation from our check out page, I realized that Retool's API for users is only for enterprise clients, is that accurate? Currently I can create tokens only for Apps, Retool DB, Retool RPC and Space.

Addding new users should be something smooth and seamless, I do hope there is a way to do this.


Even though the system allows me to create a token, it doesn't work either for the allowed scopes. This picture is for users, but it returns the same for all other endpoints

Hi @MiguelOrtiz, you can use the API outside of an Enterprise plan to embed Retool. But automated onboarding is a Enterprise plan feature only.

Thanks for confirming Paulo.

As feedback, I think Retool would benefit from expanding the API (at least provisioning users) to the professional plan. This would allow small startups and bootstrapped companies to launch their SaaS smoothly, with consequental user increase for retool. It seems this is legacy of focusing on enteprise companies only, but the more you focus to enable interaction with external clients, the more this will become a need.

Ironically retool is currently amazing for API connections with almost everything, except their own...

Thank you for your feedback, @MiguelOrtiz! I extended it to our team internally. :slightly_smiling_face: