Confused about how user accounts work with invites, Retool branding, and existing Retool users

We are on the Business plan so not sure if Enterprise changes things or is needed. There's a couple issues I'm facing. I've done the custom domain thing, and changed the logos etc, so the login pages and password reset all look like our brand.

Where I'm confused though is in these 2 scenarios:

  1. If I invite a new user to Retool, it literally sends them an email saying "Bob has invited you to Retool!" and then it's just a generic Retool sign up page and no branding whatsoever. Can this all be changed in the Enterprise version or what do you do to prevent people from knowing it's Retool?

  2. Bigger issue is when trying to create a new user, sometimes it says they already exist in another Retool organization, so how does that work? I can't obviously tell a partner to sign up for a whole new email address just to use our portal because they may have signed up for a Retool free account in the past. Hoping there's an option here or this is a hard stop dealbreaker for us. Even for us internally, we use Retool for one application, but when building a completely separate partner application that I wanted separate, I had to sign up for a second Retool instance, but then I couldn't invite any of my existing users as they all say they are existing. Am I supposed to do my own authentication or something and not use Retool's built in users?


Hi @lmonroe :wave:

  1. That's strange, I'm getting redirected to the "branded" signup page from the invite email. I would reach out to the amazing support team at retool to look into that. Could be a delay if you tried it immediately after setting up branding.
  2. Ah yes, we deal with that issue often. We use + to sign up to multiple cloud instances with the same email. For example, if the email is you can sign up with and it will create a separate account while emails will be received by the "original" email account.

Afaik this is supported by major providers but not all providers.

Hope that helps,

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Thanks that helps! It started working after I deleted the logo and added it again on branding.

Do you know much about multifactor? When I enabled that, as soon as a user logged in there's NO branding at all. It's got the Retool logo and it says "your Retool admin requires you set up multifactor" or whatever it says.

It doesn't even show that page under branding so wasn't sure how to remove any of that there.

Thanks for flagging this @lmonroe! It looks like branding for the 2FA page is currently only supported on self-hosted instances. I've raised the issue with the dev team and can let you know here when it's fixed!

Has this been fixed? I'm trying to accomplish the same as OP, where the user invite is branded and utilizes our custom domain we've set up within Retool. The branded page is correct, however the URL is not our custom domain, and still uses Thanks.

Hi @lmonroe, circling back to let you know that 2FA page branding is now supported on Cloud! If you've set up a logo on your Settings >Branding page, the 2FA page will pull that logo. (Note Branding customizations are available on Business or Enterprise plans).

@G_Holt for your custom domain + user invites question, this forum topic looks related. In summary, the current state is that there's a way to set up emails to send from your custom domain with an Enterprise feature (Retool Events in combination with Workflows and your own email server). Otherwise, invite and password links should *default *to the custom domain when it's set (any URLs/buttons in the email content). This wasn't always the case but it was updated within the past few months. So invite emails won't be sent from your custom domain, but they'll link to the custom domain pointing to Retool. Without Retool Events, they still will be sent from .

Hope this adds clarity across multiple questions here!