Workflow ui bottlenecks

While expanding a loop block the method in the block is not expanding

like in the above image i would want to see the operation i am doing on every iteration

not able to use query library in workflows

Hey @sweekark!

Thanks for surfacing both of these issues. I've alerted the dev team to the first, the second is already on their todo list. I can report back here if either gets fixed!

Ah glad it's reported. Can't see the full variable or field name on the thinner block, was hoping expanding would fix that!

+1 this happens for almost all blocks on my end.

Hey folks! Just want to report back here that you should now be able to edit loops in popout windows:

The team is still working on getting QL queries into workflows!

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Want to report here as well that the Query Library is now usable in Workflows for those that might have missed it :slightly_smiling_face:

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