Workflow Blocks Running even when branches are set to skip them

Is anyone else having this problem?

Alot of my Cron workflows have a similar operation..

Trigger > Resource Block checks to see if there is anyhing to do >

yes --> Workflow Starts
no --> branch directs the workflow to a code block that hits a logging function and then stops. (in theory).. only lately.. a random block down the line will trigger anways and cause the workflow to error and fail and then I get notifications of failure.. even though it wasnt supposed to run in the first place?

it is BIZARRE.. im not sure what is up, whther its me, but lately the workflows all seem to be REALLY glitchy..

You can see in this screenshot.. Trigger starts, getCount checks to see if anything needs to be donem CheckForVenuesToUpdate triggers the LOG_ codeblock and that is supposed to be the end. I even tried adding a response block after the code block.. thinking maybe it was an issue with the codeblock? but that doesnt work.. then you can see that it skips 4 blocks (which are critical for the workflow to operate) and then randomly starts that loop block (which fails because there is nothing to loop through).

When i trigger everything manually.. its fine.

This is a visual of what is happening:

The only thing I just thought of when writing this, is that the loop block that keeps triggering for no reason, is a loopv2 .. I havent upgraded all of the loops in this workflow to V2.. most of them are v1, but there are 2 more v2 blocks in this workflow (3 in total) but the other two dont seem to be having any issues. I've tried deleting the loop block and starting from a fresh one.. but no change.

Any ideas out there?

Hi @cpearson4772,

There was a bug affecting loop block v2 after a branch block causing the block to trigger regardless of the condition in the branch block. This should now be fixed.

Could you please try this workflow again and let me know if you are seeing any issues?

Thank you!

I just tried to run the workflow again.. its doing the same thing as the other one im trying to work on.. the loop blocks spin until they error out - 500 server error. or, the query takes 10 minutes to complete (and its a simple lookup query).

Occiasonally the blocks suceed after about 10 mintues.. more of the time they fail. time timeout on the block itself is 10,000ms. So it shouldnt even be able to run for 10 minutes. but it does.

the workflow that I was having issues with, is still failing for the same reason.

the loop v2 triggers regardless of the branch before it.

Is there something big coming out? Retool workflows have been buggier than I ever seen them.. in the last week. Its getting difficult to actually work.

Hi @cpearson4772 ,

Sorry for the inconvenience and delay on this! The loop executing regardless of the branch logic bug should be fixed, I believe the release had been rolled out momentarily when you last tested it. Please let me know if you are still seeing this happening.

Database queries timing out might be an unrelated issue. Were these always slow (taking a few minutes to complete) or have they become slow recently?