Workflow variables showing as not defined

It seems that workflows are getting buggy when it comes to using variables. Pretty consistently when referencing other blocks or state variables, the feedback in the UI is that the block or variable is not defined but if I run the workflow it will work.

Here are a few examples:

This is another example where the correct value is showing below in the preview but the value is still showing as not defined.

the yellow triangle is actually a warning, odds are if you know the data is there then it should run just fine. In the first picture it shows the 'Selected input data is not iterable' warning, which means the JS resource hasn't been ran yet. if you run teamArray once so it's populated w data you should see that warning go away as well as the others.... this is why {{value}} is show as 'not defined', because at that moment in time when you hovered over the variable it is undefined even if you know at run-time it will always be defined and there is no way for it to not be defined.

the second picture shows that the variable does currently have a value, you can see it in the popup /workflows/your_guid. in this case, I think the linter is just confused and you should be able to ignore this warning with no issues.

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Even when the previous block is run, it still shows up as not defined.

Hi @jonnilundy ,

Thank you for sending these screenshots! Looks like this is a bug affecting blocks with a query imported from query library. I will give you an update as soon as we have a fix for this.

In the meanwhile, you can ignore these warnings. They shouldn't affect the execution of your workflow.