Function window wont expand in Workflows, autocomplete adds to line above


Just started to look into Workflows for a particular problem I need to solve.

I am having an issue when editing / creating functions whereby I cant expand the code window and therefore limited to the default width / height when the code window opens. All the other blocks seem to work fine in that I can expand the height & width.

Also, within functions, when the autocomplete pops up and I select an item it adds the autocomplete to the line above rather than inline with where Im typing which makes writing the code so much harder as I keep having to delete things from the line above. Coupled with the window sizing issue its making it almost unusable as far as functions are concerned.

In a standard JS block the autocomplete appears to work fine, just in the functions Im having a problem.

Hope someone can assist.



Hey @Rob_Faulkner!

Being able to expand function blocks is something on the to-do list for the dev team, though there isn't a set timeline for it yet. Needing to code in a small window can certainly be frustrating and the team is looking at ways to make the coding experience better in multiple places. We'll try and keep this thread updated if it gets included!

For the second issue you mentioned, would you mind sharing a clip of what you're seeing? It sounds like a bug (and also very frustrating :grimacing: ) but so far I haven't reproduced it.

For some more context, it may also be helpful to know if the issue persists if you try it in an incognito window or a separate browser and if disabling your extensions has any effect.

Just want to add here, in case you hadn't already noticed, that you should now be able to expand functions!