Cannot edit the size of resource query blocks in workflows

Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 10.19.08

See screenshot, regular JS codeblock has a 'pull tab' to increase the size. The SQL query block has no pull tab, only the horizontal size can be changed.

Thanks for posting, @Majesteit1 -- the ability to expand query block dimensions in the way you described is not yet supported, and is an existing feature request internally. I've linked this to the internal feature request for tracking on our side, so we'll share an update with any movement toward adding this support going forward :slight_smile:

Funny thing. All of the sudden can't seem to resize code windows (pop-out editor) in a few of my apps.

I can only see five lines.

Did I click on something and break my workspace?

Hi @redhat00, this should only happen on variables' default value input field. It is intended, to avoid writing complex logic as default value of variables, because it can potentially slow down an App. The default value of a variable can be null, and then set to something with a query or an event handler. Are you experiencing this issue with other text editors when editing Apps?

Well it was working like the example on the bottom on every app until just now.

And it made it really easy for me to check the input and output of every block, and reduce the linting errors to practically zero.

Now that they are smaller, its going to be a lot harder.

Thank you for your feedback, let me check internally. :face_with_monocle:

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Our devs are looking into fixing this issue at the moment. I apologize for the confusion.

The issue should be fixed now. :slightly_smiling_face:

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