Pop-out code editor for workflow blocks

is it possible to add the pop-out code editor button/option to at least the JS Code Blocks in workflows? It'd also be nice for places you use SQL instead of the GUI, especially for complex statements. As it is there's a max width for each block that ends in forcing wordwrap lowering the, imo already low, readability of statements (especially if sub-queries or lots of tables are used/joined)

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Hello @bobthebear!

For the workflows code blocks, in the top right there is a button for "open in tab". Which will open the block in the left side panel editor, hopefully this helps!

This the max width for workflow blocks the issue? Or if this side panel's with still an issue?

On a side note in App's there is a button to expand the code editor to help reduce the wrapping in SQL. This pop out can expanded to full screen.

Let me know if these options help or how they could be improved!

A last ditch work around would be editing in a code editor then copy pasting in :sweat_smile:

ahhh the Side Panel is what I was looking for, thanks!! everywhere else uses that code popup window, I don't think I've really ever used that button before

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