Use SQL instead of the API adapter for Salesforce, HubSpot, and Airtable

Hey everyone,

We're excited to share a big update to Sequin. If you're not familiar with Sequin, we're a service that lets you build on APIs like Salesforce and HubSpot easily using Retool's SQL Postgres adapter.

While we originally launched with a one-way sync from APIs to Postgres, as of today, you can now write back to APIs using insert, update, and delete on your synced tables.

To set us up, all you need to do is connect us with the API you want to work with and your Retool database. Then in Retool, you'll see API objects in your database. For example, Salesforce Contacts and Opportunities become contacts and opportunities in Postgres.

With your API data in Postgres, you don't need to fuss with query params or pagination. You can even use Retool's nifty AI SQL composer to help you craft your queries.

With writes, you can now write SQL queries that manipulate these third-party tables. Writes happen synchronously, so it's easy to surface validation errors to your app's users. For example, here's what happens if you try to insert a Contact with an invalid email into a Salesforce table:

insert into (first_name, last_name, email)
values ('Andrea','Palladio','andrea__invalid')
returning id;

ERROR: [Salesforce]: Property values were not valid: `email` 'andrea_invalid' is invalid.

So, if your app's user tries to perform an invalid mutation, they'll know right away – with a friendly error!

We think we're an amazing alternative to Retool's pre-built API adapters. If you know how to use Retool with Postgres, you'll easily be able to build on top of Salesforce, HubSpot, and Airtable.

While we only support those three platforms today, we have more coming. If you have any questions or want to see us add a particular integration, please let me know below.

Learn more over at our docs.

–– Anthony

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