I need a database to build on top of

I’m creating a Proof of Concept app and need a database to build on top of.
What is a cheap and simple option to create a cloud hosted database that Retool can connect to directly?
I understand relational databases and have some SQL knowledge.


Retool provides a free Postgres db with the free plan....

Yes, but it’s part of a beta program. I signed up but it seems there’s a waiting list and I have no idea when I’ll get access.

You may be able to use something like airtable or google sheets as a datasource for a POC, depends how complex your use case will be?

Thought about that, but there are quite some relations and entities in the data model, and I think using an actual database instead of a spreadsheet will better support that complexity.
Also there's no native Airtable integration and I'd have to work through Sequin.io.

Hey @Richardk !

I would definitely say Retool's Database is the way to go here. If you aren't able to get access immediately, Sophie from boldtech.dev actually wrote something about using superbase on Retool's blog: Supabase admin panel tutorial: build it in <20 minutes

Maybe this will suffice until you get access to Retool DB?

There is also this video from @chrissmith that shows how to integrate supabase with Retool: How to build an admin panel for Supabase in 10 minutes - YouTube


i personally use supabase for my postgresql db, they have a free version Pricing & fees | Supabase, for my project is enough, if you need more then you can buy another package or just use the retool DB

pd: im not sure of the limits of own retool db, as its in beta maybe @victoria @Kabirdas can give us more info

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Hi @JoeyKarczewski and @agaitan026,

great minds think alike and apparently almost exactly at the same time, too :-))
Supabase looks very interesting and I think their free tier will suit me fine for now.

I'll give it a few days to see if my request for retool db beta is noticed ...

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@Richardk noticed! You've been added to the beta :slightly_smiling_face: thanks for the ping @agaitan026!

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Very cool! And thank you @agaitan026 for helping :+1:

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you're very welcome