Retool Database beta - backup + remote connection


I'm really happy so far with the Retool Database. Works exactly as I had imagined and really convenient to use within retool.

I had two questions:

  1. Is there a way (or plans to) generate backups? For now I can download CSVs but this doesn't preserve foreign keys and type settings.

  2. Can I connect to the postgres database remotely? This would be to import results into google data studio for a custom dashboard.


Looking into these questions for you!

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1. There’s no way for the customer to generate backups today, but we do daily backups on our end. If anything were to happen to the data, we can probably help. "Retool Database stores your data in a Postgres cluster managed by our cloud provider. Retool uses multiple levels of redundancy, which include daily backups of all data. If you have any questions or would like to know more, please get in touch."

2. Yes! We are currently testing a feature that allows customers to connect to Retool DB via external REST API access. It’s not launched just yet, but it’s on the roadmap :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks @victoria !

My pleasure :hugs:

Hey @AM-BE, Please reach out to us on email. Would like to learn more and see if we can get you access to our external REST API feature for Retool DB.

To update this thread with the latest, Retool Database now offers connection strings as the method to interact with your data externally (we are no longer pursuing a REST API). This is currently being rolled out to all cloud organizations for you to be able to connect with whatever Postgres client you'd like (psql, pg_admin, SDKs). If you don't see that in the UI yet you will soon! :grinning:

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