How Awesome Retool is with SalesForce, MySql and Datatables

Hello community, I want to share my appreciation for Retool and how it benefits our nonprofit work. I work for a nonprofit organization where we use Retool to integrate Salesforce with other systems, automating some tasks in our MySQL database. It's been a fantastic experience.

A lot of functions can be enhanced via API connections in numerous apps. We simply connect them to Retool and recreate the functionalities to meet our needs using API. This process takes only days or weeks, rather than requiring complex development workarounds. I want to express my gratitude for such a great product.
Thank you for supporting nonprofits and for creating an excellent tool. :heart:

Take a look at how easy it is to map broken data to a great-looking one!


Awesome, thank you for sharing your experience @Bogdan_Mind! Glad to hear!