Build Salesforce Tooling with SQL (not SOQL) [Tutorial/Free Template]

Hi all - happy to share a recent tutorial + template from the Bold Tech blog.

In this post I built a BDR lead enrichment tool on top of Salesforce data using Sequin as a proxy connector. Since with Sequin you can query the Salesforce API using SQL rather than SOQL, it’s much quicker + easier to work with Salesforce data.

In this tool your users can enrich lead data with a simple click - generating automatic LinkedIn and Google searches via the buttons - and then write this data back to Salesforce. This way your BDRs can work with your CRM data without needing to pay for more Salesforce licenses, and you have greater customization options for your tools.

Plus, we’ve made use of Retool’s new AI tools to build in an automatic intro email generator based on dynamic values in your table.

Follow the tutorial + learn more about why Sequin is so great in our blog post.
Or download the template and use it in your own environment here!