Feature request: Airtable resource

Using the Airtable API via the REST API resource, works well.
If an easier way to setup and connect to Airtables, would be nice.

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Hey @sgallese! This is definitely a popular request. We'll keep you in the loop :wink:

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With a new tool we built - Sync Inc - you can connect Airtable to Retool as a Postgres database.

Because Retool comes with fantastic PostgreSQL support, this approach to connecting with Airtable allows you to see your entire Airtable schema as you write queries (plus you get autocomplete).

Hope it's helpful and shoot me a note if you need any support.

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Hi Goldman,
Looks like this tool is waitlisted. Is this still in development or available now?

I'd love to a better integration with Airtable. Using the REST API is very cumbersome.

Hey @possumsauce! Happy to request this. Are there any aspects that are especially cumbersome?

I'll admit that I'm not the most advanced API user, but I'm finding it very slow to work with. A lot of cumbersome hunting down errant brackets and other low-level data structure stuff. It would be great if Retool had a more full-fledged integration similar to Sendgrid, which I'm also using, and find much easier to use since the endpoints are defined and there are some hints around data inputs. If Airtable had a "first-class citizen" integration, it would make life a lot easier! :slight_smile:

Sweet, thank you for taking the time to share! I added that to our internal ticket :+1: