Update table cell displays old value momentarily when updating


I have an editable table column and its corresponding update query and refresh table, which is working fine. Users click on the cell, change the OLD value for a NEW value and save changes.

Table column has a "cosmetic bug" when the users clicks on the save button, the cell value changes from NEW value --> OLD value --> NEW value.

This causes user confusion. Users keep refreshing the table to get sure the NEW value is recorded correctly.

Am I missing something? A control component?

can we see updateFeesPtkr or its structure? curious if you await the .setValue() or not and where/when you call it. I assume no other queries are updating anything thatd cause a redraw before hand?

Hello @bobthebear

Hi @luq,

We have a request in our backlog to investigate this behavior. We haven't been able to prioritize it yet, but I'll let you know if our team is able to work on a fix