Background Table Save

In an effort to mimic Airtable's table (where we are migrating from). I am trying to avoid having the users press a save button to save changes. I am using the change cell event to trigger the save edits. I disabled "Show loading state".

The problem is that when I refresh the table after the edit is successful, the changeset is cleared before the refresh is finished. This results in the weird behavior you can see in the gif where the value reverts momentarily while the table is refreshing.
CleanShot 2023-10-02 at 17.03.59

I think you might need to be a bit creative with the current cell and the query.isFetching state, though testing this just now has been slightly inconclusive.

Hmm.. I'm not sure what you mean

I was referring to the isFetching property of a query. I thought you could use this to keep your display value in place during the update but I haven't had any success with that. Something like yourUpdateQuery.isFetching ? "saving" : cellValue to at least give the appearance of progress rather than the old value popping back up.

I am not sure if this will work though.

Eureka! Instead of triggering a component table refresh after the edit is successful, I trigged the underlying query. That seems to work.

Thanks for your effort though!