Turning off/on query success/error notifications

Hello, I think it would be useful to be able to globally turn off/on query notifications, especially when debugging a large number of queries.


Hi, thanks for bringing this to our attention. We'll leave this here so other users can chime in. We're always looking at feature requests customers are requesting, so thank you for this!

I agree with this idea. I have an error that keeps popping up on page load that I can't isolate to an individual query right now so I'm unable to turn off the error messages. My dashboard still shows everything completely right and how I want it to, but I don't want the error message giving the illusion that it isn't functioning properly.

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Would be nice to set defaults in an environment or app to either have success/failure notifications on/off. I typically remove the success notification as it can create an awkward UX when multiple queries run at the same time. But sometimes I forget to check the box and have to go back through all queries and turn them off.

Hi all, I just wanted to make sure people on this thread know that we have launched a way to globally configure your notification settings in the IDE! New: Notifications Settings and UI

Additionally, there's a refreshed look to the notifications. Please comment in this thread with your org subdomain and we'll enable the feature for you.

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