New: Notifications Settings and UI

We are excited to share some new changes that are being rolled out starting this week for cloud customers: a notification refresh! This project includes:

  1. Global query notification settings: a quicker way to disable/enable success & failure notifications for all queries in your app (including new queries)

  2. Updated toast UI: close buttons, action buttons, descriptions, oh my! They even stack

What’s next? Not all toasts have migrated to the new UI yet. Over the next few weeks, more and more toasts will be swapped out with updated versions.

Notifications are a core part of the app building experience, and we're excited to give it some attention and care.

We’ve currently rolled this out to 10% of users, but if you’d like to enable it for your org early and you're a cloud customer, comment below!

OBO the App Building team,
Emma and Will :slight_smile:


Nice! Yes pls

Hi @Claes_Melander – what is your org subdomain?

Cool! Can you please enable for

Added you!

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Can you enable for @Jennifer_Zhang Thanks

Added you!

Can we also get this feature please:

Turned this on for you!

Yes please.

Please enable

Please include me as well.

Hey guys, we just enabled this feature for 100% of users! In addition to what is described in this post we also added an ability to move the position of your end-user notifications in the settings!


Hi everyone,

I am up for every update, however I see this one as not a great one. We were using notifications to display user pair code, which we were used to copy from the notification itself. However now the copy feature is not available as we are no longer able to select text in notification. Would it be possible to enable text highlighting in notifications?

Thanks for reply

Hey @Will_Su!

This has been an awesome and much needed update, thank you :tada:

Do you plan on supporting the option to stack vertically vs. superimpose?

Some notifications are important to display for the user, at a glance, as confirmation of a significant action with some additional details/context. With the current functionality, though, any follow-up notifications cover up the previous notification until hover.

Good news! I pushed a fix for toasts to enable text highlighting.
Unfortunately, to trim down copy toasts in particular, the toast message has changed. So in your particular scenario, you wouldn't be able to copy user pair code, because the code won't be part of the toast message :frowning:

I know you didn't ask for me specifically, but I can try answering this!

This is really valuable insight for why we'd want vertical stacking! Funny story: the original design was to show all toasts vertically, and it was a late decision (like, the week of launching) to superimpose the toasts, to reduce how much space they take up.

We currently don't have plans to support vertical stacking, but you describe a very compelling use case. I will record this and bring this up with the team. So no promises! :stuck_out_tongue:

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