Turning off toast on successful query run

I have seen a few posts about turning off the toasts for queries. I see that this field has been moved around a few times but it does not show up on queries when you are importing from the query library. I do not want to turn them off globally and I still want error responses to show and success messages in other circumstances.

Hello @Chris_Bartlett ,

Thank you for your question.

Is your question around generally turning off Toasts for queries and that you like how this works when you import queries from the library - or are you just looking for control over the imported queries only?

Generally, the Toasts can be removed inside the query themselves(not a global setting), inside the 'Response' tab as you can see here: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom

For queries from the query library, you could consider removing the query from the library and adding it individually to the needed applications. Since these may not carry over the original query's notification settings, you might need to configure notifications manually.

Another indirect method involves custom error handling within the query using .catch(), which controls what happens when a query fails.

If you'd like to clarify further, please let me know. Otherwise, I hope this was helpful!


Thanks for the reply. I really want to know how to turn them off for imported queries. I do not want them pulled into individual apps since I am re-using them in multiple places and that makes it much harder to maintain if I have to make any tweaks.

Hi all, I just wanted to make sure people on this thread know that we have launched a way to globally configure your notification settings in the IDE! New: Notifications Settings and UI

Please comment in this thread with your org subdomain and we'll enable the feature for you.