Ticketing demo app - no event handlers?

I loaded the Ticketing demo app hoping to see examples of how data form editing and updates are implemented, but I'm confused. There are no event handlers on the buttons (e.g. View Ticket). Sure enough, when I run the app in Preview mode, those buttons do nothing.

Why? This doesn't seem at all useful as a demo app if all you can do is scroll through a data table.... I must be missing something??

Related question: if these demo apps don't demo meaningful Retool functionality, are there other sample apps (perhaps by independent devs vs Retool) that do? I would get up this steep learning curve a whole lot faster by looking at how experienced Retool devs do things. The online docs are frustratingly incomplete and sometimes seem out of date. :neutral_face:

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Hi Edward!

The ask for more complex templates is super reasonable and I've passed your feedback along to our team focused on improving our onboarding experience. When building out our template library, we chose to optimize for volume—we wanted to get many simple templates out to help folks better visualize their future apps.

Do you have any specific docs pages that haven't been helpful or any specific concepts I can help provide some clarity on? And what type of apps are you generally looking to build? I'd be happy to help you get started! :slight_smile:

We also have some Quickstart and Tutorial docs in case you haven't already seen them and I can share a demo app that might be more tailored to your use case.

Thank you for the followup.

I guess the easiest way to express what I’ve found lacking is that there seem to be no templates (or satisfactory documentation articles) that would show me how to create a straightforward UX that implements the usual CRUD operations. This is so basic—it’s the foundation of nearly any meaningful application—that I just can’t believe there’s no clear roadmap to follow. The demo apps that I’ve looked at don’t even implement an “add a new record” function…why? Don’t we all need to provide a UX to add records?

Other platforms I’ve used provide methods on components that simplify the implementation of these things—that’s one way of accelerating it, but not the only way. (While I understand that the query component offers a GUI aimed to provide more of a plug-and-play approach, I’ve found it limited at best.)

Another basic use case I’ve wasted hours on is coordinated display of tables, e.g. in a parent-child relationship. I’ve got it working now, but it took way too long to figure it out, and the components don’t seem to provide properties and methods that are “aware" of other tables on the same form. I.e., I can’t just hook table A to table B and have the component figure out how to cross-filter and cross-refresh. (I’m dating myself, but Borland Delphi made this SO easy, and that was a loooong time ago….)

The bottom line, Victoria, is that I’ve had to spend hours and hours hacking my way through trial and error (mostly error!) prototyping, bugging the support team and forum members with basic questions, and wading through unhelpful online docs just to piece together a really simple app. Maybe everyone is smarter than me, but I’ve developed software on many, many platforms since 1977, so Retool is not exactly my first rodeo. Getting up the learning curve shouldn’t be this hard.

To be clear, I LOVE some aspects of the IDE and very much appreciate the sophistication that’s gone into it, but my frustration level is pretty high when it really needn’t be. At this point I’m not sure I will continue with the tool, honestly, though I would dearly love to because I can see the tremendous potential.

It sounded like you were looking for a candid answer, so I’ve given you one. I hope it’s useful input.

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Very much appreciated. A genuine thank you from me and especially our product team for taking the time to share that.

What data source are you currently using? We want to send you a relevant CRUD resource template!

That would be wonderful! I'm using the Retool database for this one.

Got it - thank you. Working on a template for you now!

Out of curiosity, have you seen the starter apps? Those are all simple CRUD apps powered by Retool DB sample data. When you create a new app, you should see these 3 options:

They should each come with different CRUD queries to help get you started!

I went through them all at one point and didn’t find the sort of full-featured CRUD UX that would provide a working model for the apps I hoped to build. If I recall correctly, the user management app in your screenshot didn’t give me ways to add/delete users and all their attributes, though perhaps I missed something. I’m not in a place where I can look at it now.

I’m in the midst of an (unrelated) deadline push at the moment so I can’t give this any time for a few days, but I am happy to look again if you feel there is functionality there that I may have missed.

Hi again, Edward! I wanted to follow-up with you here and share a demo app that might be most relevant to what you're looking to build.

You can import the attached JSON and check out the change_approvals folder for RetoolDB query examples!


Many thanks - can’t wait to dig into it.

Edward Hamlin

Of course! Let me know if there's still any functionality missing. Happy to share more demo apps with you :slight_smile:

Victoria, after creating the app from the JSON it looks like the referenced Mongo database is missing. If I try to preview or run any of the queries, e.g. getcustomers, I receive this message:

Resource [demo] mongodb does not exist. Please update the query to use a different resource.

Am I doing something wrong?

You're not doing anything wrong! That app uses a MongoDB resource as well as a RetoolDB resource. Since resources are specific to orgs, you'll need to connect queries to your own resource/data source. As a "hack", if you name your Mongo resource the same name as ours, the queries will work automagically (you may need to re-upload the JSON after creating the resource though).

I believe we do have some more demo Mongo apps (that might be easier to connect to demo data)—is this something you're interested in? I assumed you were just looking for a RetoolDB demo app and just included the Mongo queries since they weren't hurting anyone :sweat_smile: