Text annotation feedback

Been digging the text annotation widget!
Here’s my prioritized feedback so far if looking to make future changes.

  1. Ability to give tags a key.
    Had to place extra hacks in my code to convert back and forth between labels and a key, including wiping all previous tags and re-creating them.
    I’d like to be able to set an id or a key field for each tag (currently id field it overwritten if I use it).
    Another approach is to give labels a key/display_name pair.
  2. Notify specific changes on change.
    Notifying all items on tag change is OK, but I’d prefer to get notified of what exactly changed.
    I implemented a “Save tags” button since changes are pretty noisy if we don’t get notified of individual changes.
  3. More label color schemes.
    Don’t have enough time to fiddle with tag color schemes for now.
    But colors currently repeat after 7 labels.
    Ideally I should have more unique colors.
  4. Seeing two sets of identical labels confusing while editing.
    I keep clicking the top set of tags when changing a tag label.
    What’s the purpose of putting labels at the bottom when editing a label when I can simply use the labels at the top?
  5. Action when clicking on label.
    When clicking on a tag label at the top, would be nice to be able to run an action (query/open page) or highlight/focus the tags associated with that label.
    Video of current implementation:

@sgallese thanks for the feedback! These are really good points. We’ll be sure to log this in our roadmap and will keep you posted :slight_smile: