Improved Filter Options

  1. When filtering a table that is TAG type, it'd be nice for the options to populate in the filter rather than any text input.

  1. When filtering for dates - option to choose date format (MM-dd-yyyy, for example). Currently, you can choose the format in the table, but then the filter defaults to MMM dd, yyyy.

  2. Would be great to be able to use the Filter compon.ent on non-Table components and just link it to some other component ID or array with values/keys.

Here I've used Legacy Button Group with a combination of Hidden values, but for a larger data set, this would get pretty tedious and feels pretty messy.

Hi @shawnhoffman Thanks for outlining all of this! Going to submit a few feature requests to our team & will post here if any get picked up

Hey @Tess is there any update on the first feature @shawnhoffman suggested,
I am currently making a table with tag type and this feature could be of great use.

No update yet, unfortunately :disappointed: This is still in our queue!