Expand width of tag dropdown to show full content

We are trying to let users update values in a table component. The specific column is of type 'tag', populated with values from another table (a couple hundred values). This works fine.

We run into issues with the amount of information shown in the dropdown itself. For example, a user might search for an address, but in the dropdown we can only see the first X characters of the tag. The tags are made up of <name> (<address>).

Is there any way to increase the width of this dropdown, or at least show the full content when hovering over the tag with your mouse?


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Hi @mak currently, we're working on allowing text wrapping in the dropdown. Would that work for you?

Another option that you could use for now is to add a tooltip with the full content :blush:

Hi Tess - Thank you for your reply! Not sure I understand how the text wrapping would work? The tooltip does not help in this case, as we need to be able to see the full string in the dropdown still. Otherwise the search would not really do it's job, because you'd have to click on each result (and then search again) before knowing which is the correct one.

Hi @mak

Text wrapping would allow the full string to be visible instead of ending with ...

It could look something like this:

This is how the caption currently works (shown below), but we could add the setting to the option label as well:

Would text wrapping help in your use case?

This feature what exactly I want in new table's tag column. Hope to see the update.

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Thanks for the feedback! Yes, it would apply to the table column as well

I would also like to request this feature. For now, @AnsonHwang I have found the Avatar type has a caption that wraps!

@jclutterbuck Amazing tip, thank you very much :slight_smile:

You can also trick Retool into having captions on tags using the avatar column type. If you set the column type to avatar, set your caption, and then change column type to tag, the caption persists.

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We've just come across this issue ourselves where we have many groups of similar tags to pick from. It would be great to have control over the tag dropdown width or toggle an automatic fit.


Thanks :pray:

We are tracking feature requests for controlling the width, so I'll post here when it ships