Some ideas for new Text Input component - added some more

Exploring replacing text inputs for the new ones. They are a nice improvement. Some ideas to make better:

  1. Alphabetize Icons. Make it easier to find the icon you want.
  2. More Icons. Most of the icons do not seem like they would be applicable to text inputs and some that would be are missing, e.g. building for a company input, building for a city input, paper with writing for notes.
  3. An easy way to replace old version with new version and keep properties. Of course the option to select which subversion to use (email, basic, text area)


  1. The Prefix text gives one a new way of doing labels, which I like, though probably can't use until dropdown and text area also can do it (for consistency). But there is no good way to make them all the same width as space has no effect. I also tried pasting the 0xa0 space. Any workarounds?


  1. The Label max-width property is missing. I used this on nearly every text input.
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Thanks for all of the feedback, @bradlymathews! Keep it coming!

  1. We have plans to improve our icon offering in the next few months. Stay tuned!

  2. ^^^

  3. This is on the list as well! We'll also be making it easy to switch between similar components (e.g., Checkbox <-> Switch, Text Input <-> Number Input).

  4. We're actively working on a new Select/Dropdown, which will include prefix support. Text Area should be getting this as well. As for the width, we have plans to add more control over the "adornments" in general, but this is likely a bit further out. I'll see if we can get non-breaking spaces working in the meantime.

  5. We're exploring a few options for better control over the label widths. We'll hopefully have something out soon!

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For #5, we're currently rolling out a new label width setting on all of our newer input components! You can now set the width of the label as a percentage of the component width, fixed pixels, or grid columns.

Label inspector

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I saw that a couple days ago. I love it! My favorite so far is using a number of grid columns and I really like that I can use a fractional value for that.

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I'm preaching to the choir I'm sure, but rolling that out to the other labeled components would be really nice.

New Select, Multiselect, and date inputs are on the way, all of which will include the same label settings, and much more!