Table row text color, dynamically

The new dynamic table row background coloring is great – I jumped on that and have already implemented it – however, wondering if the same kinda thing is possible (perhaps even already planned?) for row text color? I'm surprised that I can't find any posts in the community about this, whether requests or workarounds.

For example, gray text for discontinued items, red text for out-of-stock items, that kind of thing. Yes, can be done with the background colors, but that can quickly get rather noisy, visually.

The closest I found was this, however it's on a per-cell basis, and it seems would have to be replicated for every column (ew). If I'm missing something from somewhere else, please let me know! Thank you

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Hi @Schteevynn Thanks for this suggestion!

In the meantime, could you possibly use a workaround like the below example?


Yes, unfortunately that's a bit cumbersome when there are a more than just a few columns and you want the text color consistent across the whole row – especially if there's more going on in any of the mapped values other than just that color ternary